this is my heart & story
"Get in the shower if it all goes wrong"

"Acquire the habit of speaking to God as if you were alone with God. Speak with familiarity and confidence as to your dearest and most loving friend. Speak of your life, your plans, your troubles, your joys, your fears. In return, God will speak to you—not that you will hear audible words in your ears, but words that you will clearly understand in your heart."

Artist: UnknownDaughter
Title: UnknownShallows
Album: UnknownIf You Leave
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It’s Time to Live a Little Better


Lately, I’ve had this overwhelming since of joy in my heart. A joy I know that comes from living each day a little better. A joy that comes from knowing my worth, and not taking that for granted. A joy that comes from knowing who my Savior is and embracing His love that washes over me like a tidal wave.

  -  20 October
"Sometimes we need to remember why we love God, and let that realization wash over us all over again. God is romancing us, and sometimes we forget that, so we lose touch of the great Love of our lives. Let His love restore you, because you’ve been trying to swim on your own, and Christ has called you to walk on the waters. Remember why you chose to follow Him, and when you do, let that truth set you on fire."


I am learning to belong to God; and I am enjoying it.

"I hope that one day,
When the dust settles
And we meet again
You’ll look at me and see
Your biggest regret."

-m.v., You should have made me stay (via findingwordsforthoughts)

"Our job is to love people. When it hurts. When it’s awkward. When it’s uncool and embarrassing. Our job is to stand together, to carry the burdens of one another and to meet each other in our questions."

"You must not reduce yourself to a puddle just because the person you like is afraid to swim and you are a fierce sea to them; because there will be someone who was born with love of the waves within their blood, and they will look at you with fear and respect."

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Title: UnknownHold On We're Going Home (cover)
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"Who God has called you to be is the you that you’ve been wanting to be all along."